With Spring Break just days away, it’s getting harder to look good as students pack gyms and tanning salons near campus.

Jessica Boullion
LSA sophomore Gwen Braude lies in a tanning bed at Big House Tanning on South University Avenue yesterday. (Photo Illustration by Derek Blumke/Daily)

Business School junior Rachel Gutierrez, who plans to spend next week on the beaches of Acapulco, found this out first-hand last weekend when she found herself fourth in line for a treadmill at the Intramural Sports Building on Hoover Street.

Gutierrez, who said she exercises in the IM Building regularly, was annoyed she had to wait in line.

“I have never seen so many girls waiting for treadmills,” she said.

Cora Huscher, an employee at Campus Tan on Church Street, said the salon has been doing brisk business recently.

“Most people like to get a base tan before they go away for break,” she said. “Then they won’t burn as easily when they’re in the sun.”

But appointments are becoming harder to find as the break approaches.

“I used to be able to stop by the tanning place when I had spare time,” Gutierrez said. “Now I have to work it into my busy schedule.”

Managers at two other local tanning salons – Tanfastic and Big House Tanning – said they were too busy to comment.

Gutierrez isn’t the only student who has noticed more students making their way to the gym as Spring Break approaches.

LSA sophomore Evan Sands said he thinks that some of their efforts are to compensate for excessive partying.

“Guys are just trying to work their arms because that’s what they think looks good on the beach,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of them working on their stomachs to burn off all the Natty Lights they’ve been drinking the past two months.”

But LSA freshman Ryan Dolan said Spring Break wasn’t student’s only motivation.

“I think we’re working out more just for our well-being,” he said. “I have definitely noticed a lot more people, though.”

The University is urging students to take other steps to prepare for the break.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs sent a cautionary e-mail to students yesterday reminding them to turn off appliances and lock up before leaving for break. The e-mail also included a reminder about Ann Arbor’s snow emergency regulations. If a snow emergency is declared, parking is only allowed on alternating sides of the street each day so the city can clear the snow. Cars left on the wrong side of the street are subject to towing.

Weather forecasts for Ann Arbor for early next week include a chance of snow.

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