With the success of “Queer Eye for the Straight
Guy,” cable networks have been trying out new lines of
programming, with varying degrees of success. Bravo, the home of
the Fab Five, continues this trend with “Significant
Others,” a series of shock, spontaneity and sex that takes an
over-the-top look at relationships that are full of mistakes.

Laura Wong
(Courtesy of Bravo)

The show centers around the daily lives of three couples,
married for as little as three months or as much as 15 years. They
have their problems, none of which are new to typical TV shows. In
the first two episodes, Eleanor (Faith Salie) discovers she is
pregnant, unwelcome news to her immature husband Ethan (Herschel
Bleefeld). Bill and Connie (Fred Gross, Jane Edith Wilson) are a
stereotypical middle-aged couple who no longer show affection. To
complicate matters, Bill is unemployed and having an affair with
Connie’s sister. James (Brian Palermo) and Chelsea (Andrea
Savage) are the sole bright spot of the show, portraying the
straight-laced husband and free-spirited wife. James causes a
commotion at Chelsea’s art show when he finds out that she
has slept with 200 men and learns she was previously married.

Viewers also see the couples at therapy sessions, where the
conflicts are usually revealed. This is also where most of the
attempts at humor are made — with hit-or-miss results. Think
of the sessions from “Annie Hall,” only unfunny.

“Significant Others” is touted as unscripted, as
scenes are improvised and the actors work without a script, or for
that matter, an interesting plot. Words some would find
objectionable are used liberally and are thrown in when the
dialogue begins to stall. The cast of unknowns sincerely seem to be
trying to make it work, but to little avail.

“Significant Others” seems to belong on HBO due to
content, not quality. Most premises here have been explored on
other shows in more amusing ways. The viewing public should choose
to divorce itself from these “Significant Others.”


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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