It was a ‘Pitt’iful site on North Campus yesterday afternoon as Hollywood Hunk Brad Pitt shot a steamy love scene for his new film, “Richard is Not A Part of the Male Anatomy,” in the Wave Field on North Campus.

Pitt said he chose to shoot the scene on North Campus for two reasons. First, his publicist told him that no one on North Campus would recognize him because only Engineers and Music School students live there. Secondly, he was paid $50,000 in Starbucks bucks by B. Joe White as part of B. Joe’s North Campus revitalization project.

Pitt’s prediction about not being recognized on North Campus was true. While many engineers sauntered past the movie set and full frontal Pitt, few even looked up to see the star.

For students who did look up and see the star few were able to recognize him or identify who or what Pitt was.

“Pitt, that’s funny, like arm pit or elbow pit,” Engineering junior Robert Bartz said as he sniffed his own armpits. “I think I’ll call mine Bartz Pitts, they’re smelly.”

When Engineering senior Zena Patel was asked if she know who the naked man having sex with the naked women in the wave field Patel asked “I have what? Sex? Who is Sex?”

Pitts’ co-star Jackie Nixon said the Wave Field was the perfect place for the scene adding that the rolling waves of the field resembled the round firmness of Pitt’s rear.

When the GQ man of the year heard that Pitt was on campus he immediately rushed back to his frat to pluck his eye brows and fart before rushing to the wave field to give Pitt some competition.

“He may be married to Jennifer Aniston, but I’m married to myself and I am GQ fabulicious!” GQ Man of the Year said.

There was a small protest against the movie shoot led by Students’ Against Stuff, who said they were protesting all the stuff happening on North Campus.

“I hate it when I go somewhere and there is stuff happening. Can’t we just end the stuff?” SAS ringleader Erin Pettypiece said.

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