Junior pole vaulter Elizabeth Boyle learned the hard way that giving 110 percent is not always a good idea.

“If all you have is 100 percent, and you are giving 110 percent, then you are giving more than your body will let you,” women’s track and field coach James Henry said. “That’s how you get injured.”

Boyle tore her quadricep muscle training in the fall of 2003. But instead of resting it to allow it to heal, she continued to train and lift hard, not wanting to lose any time. In doing so, Boyle sprained another muscle in her leg and was forced to redshirt the 2004 indoor season.

It is this work ethic, in addition to her astounding athletic prowess, that makes Boyle an elite athlete. She holds school records for both indoor and outdoor pole vaults, with marks of 12-11_ and 13-6

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