Gross in millions of dollars

Charles Paradis
Courtesy of Touchstone</P>
If you say “Hoo-Ha,” you lose a testicle.

1. The Recruit (16.5) – We liked this one better the first time we saw it, when it was called “Spy Game.” Eat it, Colin. Bullseye sucks.

2. Final Destination 2 (16.2) – The final destination of our foot is going to be up your ass.

3. Biker Boyz (10.1) – We thought that “Fast and the Furious 2” wasn’t coming out for a few months … weird.

4. Kangaroo Jack (9.0) – Fun for the whole family, except for the groping and the knife-wielding.

5. Darkness Falls (7.5) – Glad they finally found a way to ruin the Tooth Fairy for kids.

6. Chicago (7.1) – We knew Richard Gere was a good tap dancer when we saw “Red Corner.”

7. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (5.0) – The leaves of Lothlorien do not idly fall.

8. Just Married (4.9) – More like “Just Sucks!” It took three hours to come up with that gold.

9. Catch Me If You Can (4.8) – Let’s face facts: if you haven’t caught him by now, you probably can’t.

10. About Schmidt (4.7) – Damn that Encyclopedia Brown …

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