Gross in millions of dollars

1. Head of State (13.5) – One of our cinematic commandments: Thou shalt not see any movie with a Nelly song featured prominently in the preview.

2. Bringing Down the House (12.4) – On Queen Latifah’s head. Dorothy style.

3. Core, The (12.0) – Does it seem like they’re scraping the bottom in terms of monuments to destroy? The Golden Gate Bridge … who gives a crap?

4. Basic (11.5) – Basically, this movie sucks ass.

5. Chicago (7.2) – If only people would spontaneously break into song in real life. Man, that would be sweet. Wait a minute. Actually that would be hell on Earth.

6. Dreamcatcher (6.6) – Too bad dreamcatchers can’t catch terrible movies.

7. Agent Cody Banks (6.4) – Man, we can’t decide what is better: this or “Boat Trip.”

8. Piglet’s Big Movie (4.9) – You think that just because it’s a children’s movie we won’t make fun of it? Yeah, you’re right.

9. Hunted, The (3.6) – We know. He didn’t use a hatchet; he used a knife.

10. View from the Top (3.5) – If we had a nickel for every movie that Mike Myers uses the “weird eye” gag in …

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