“There was never only one!” cackles the trailer for “The Bourne Legacy,” like an ’80s supervillain laughing maniacally at our hero’s stupidity.

The Bourne Legacy


And how stupid we were, to think that Hollywood’s powers-that-be would leave a critically acclaimed franchise as lucrative as “Bourne” untapped, even if its trademark director, Paul Greengrass, and its trademark star, Matt Damon, refused to return.

Well, they didn’t return, and the trailer for the 4th “Bourne” movie is all about compensating for that, hinting at a comically wide conspiracy (“Jason Bourne was the tip of the iceberg!”) and a bigger, better hero. “He’s like Touchstone without the inconsistency,” says a nameless CIA employee, (read: the new guy’s just like Jason Bourne, but better! If we say it enough people will believe it right?).

Ultimately though, it’s a hard trailer to hate. Jeremy Renner (“The Town”), Damon’s quasi-replacement, fits the role well and breathes action. As we see him facepalm prison guards and eliminate pursuers with a fire extinguisher and some nails, it’s hard not to feel a little hopeful for the franchise.

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