Since their self-titled album was released last year, The Ditty Bops, who are playing at the Pease Auditorium in Ypsilanti this Saturday. Buzz about the band has grown, thanks to their fervent fanbase. Though it’s hard to classify, their music is often considered “retro-swing” with its quick, playful melodies augmented by beautiful vocal harmonies, country Western-style twangy guitars and earthy percussion. At times they sound like the delicate tunes of a music box, at others they’re romping and danceable. The California duo is Abby DeWald (vocals/guitar) and Amanda Barrett (vocals/mandolin/dulcimer).

Barrett and DeWald even have trouble classifying themselves. “Oh, well, we don’t really. (Our music has) been categorized many different ways. But the easiest way is just that it’s Ditty Bops,” Barrett explained.

An ex-teen model, she received her first dulcimer when she was three years old (her mother is a professional dulcimer player). The Bops’ have also drawn influences from a well of other incongruous sources.

“We’re influenced by types of art and life experience besides just bands that we’ve heard,” Barrett explained. “Western swing and early jazz music is probably the closest to what we play. We like musical theater, rock, classical music, all kinds of things. We’re not exactly trying to do a certain style, just what works with the two of us

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