Now that winter is just around the corner, it’s time to dig the boots out of the closet. Boots on campus are crucial, and many students own a pair or two to fight against Michigan’s cold winter weather.

Beth Dykstra
Uggs boots are displayed at Footprints on South University Avenue. (Alexander Dziadosz/Daily)

That does not mean everyone has to wear the same ones. Often, campus is a breeding ground for worn-out and over-copied styles. But this year, there are some popular alternatives to Uggs, last year’s foootwear craze. Coming back with a vengeance are cowboy boots, tall suede boots, patterned galoshes (for rainy weather only) and possibly even moonboots.

The ever-so-popular Uggs-with-the-mini-skirt look has formed a chokehold on the University’s female students — at least those with big enough pocketbooks. The prices for this lavish footwear range from $80 to $160, but it has been successful because it offers tremendous warmth and comfort.

The staff at Footprints on South University Avenue agreed that the most popular boots this winter were Uggs, or Ugg look-a-likes. But, now that their popularity has exploded, you can pick up a somewhat comparable pair at Target or Payless Shoe Source. Still, wearers should remember that Uggs are practical as boots, not as an accessory to a mini-skirt to warm your ankles when it’s leg-baring weather.

It seems no boot can escape judgment. Another phenomenon, more sickening to see, are the furry boots. This fur-lined footwear is a little extreme. Michigan weather is bad, but enough to skin two dogs?

The tall suede-styled boots with buckles running up the side seem like a safe enough choice to invest in, but they may elicit comparisons to the footwear worn in “Star Wars.” Another option, the pointed toe variety, could be called “’80s burnout boots.”

With “Napoleon Dynamite” winning over young audiences everywhere, many have tried to mimic or embrace the dorky get-up of Napoleon — moonboots and all. Popular for kids — puffy and warm with no laces — moonboots first hit streets after Neil Armstrong’s historic walk. Decades later, the curious-looking apparel just might make a comeback.

No matter what the footwear choice may be, the emphasis should be on practicality and comfort. A good pair of boots can be expensive, but their value in winter can not be measured. There’s no reason why anybody should be forced to trudge through the streets of Ann Arbor with cold, wet feet all for the sake of being stylish.

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