Interim President B. Joseph White said he was “shocked and disturbed” by what he discovered when he entered the President”s House on South University Avenue yesterday.

“I was just, uh, checking on the place really,” White said, clutching a set of blueprints and a tape measure. Although White is not living in the mansion during his term, he has been throwing weekly dinner parties there.

“I went to the house last night to get ready for (another) soiree honoring Matt Nolan, and when I walked in the door nothing was left. (Former President Lee Bollinger) took everything the bed frames, the mattresses, even the little knobs on the kitchen drawers,” White said. “How am I supposed to throw a fancy party without a wine rack?”

White said he called DPS as soon as he realized that the house had been looted.

“I had to go next door to the Clements Library just to use the phone,” he said. “He took those too.”

DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said Bollinger is the prime suspect in the investigation of the robbery, and the University will be pressing charges.

“We know he did it,” she said, adding that the former president still owes seven overdue books to the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library and about $300 for his Entre Plus account.

“That man loved his Subway turkey subs,” Brown said.

C. P. Smith, the janitor responsible for the upkeep of the mansion, said he saw a green Jeep Grand Cherokee “peel out” of the president”s driveway shortly before dawn Wednesday.

“The back of the Jeep was so heavy that the muffler was making sparks down South U,” Smith said. “I figured it was just Mrs. B.”s art stuff.”

White said he found a note in Bollinger”s “schmancy handwriting style” which read: “Screw you, B. Joe. If you want anything back, log onto eBay!”

“I know living in New York can get expensive, but come on. Leave the new guy little something, huh?” White said.

Brown said the University will be represented by BAMN attorney, Miranda Massie, in the lawsuit charging Bollinger with theft, destruction of public property and arrogance.

In an incident DPS said is possibly related, the president”s office in the Fleming Administration Building was also looted.

Witnesses described computer keyboards with the letter “B” missing and graffiti desecrating former University Provost Nancy Cantor as a “portly elf.”

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