Here’s Jonny … Lang? You wouldn’t know it listening to his
latest album, Long Time Coming. This Fargo, N.D., blues
singer and guitar prodigy, well, lost his blues.

Janna Hutz

Lang, who has played alongside blues greats B.B. King, Buddy Guy
and Luther Allison and has previously produced thematically
blues-based albums, chose a different path for his latest LP.
Creating more of a rock album with soul and R&B thrown into the
mix, Lang shifted to a new direction; unfortunately he forgot his

For the first time ever, Lang co-produced and wrote every song
on the album. His inexperience is evident. With the exceptions of
“Get What You Give” and “Livin’ For the City,” a live number that
is the highlight of the album, the lyrics sound childish and are
unable to keep up with the aggressive changes from rock to soul to
R&B. More missed are the passionate growls that have long
driven Lang’s vocals in the past. The title track, a heartfelt
acoustic spiritual reminds us of the quality of guitar playing Lang
can provide, though, and relieves us of the thought that he hasn’t
completely lost his love for the blues.

At the age of only 22, Lang obviously has the talent to make a
huge impact on the fusion of modern blues and rock music. It just
didn’t happen with this album.

Rating: 2 stars


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