The Michigan women’s crew team traveled to Elkhart, Ind. this weekend for the last race of the fall. Just as it has been for all previous regattas this season, the focus of this race was not the team’s finishing rank, but rather on the implementation of techniques learned in practice. Although the results of the Head of the Elk have yet to be released, the Wolverines are not interested anyway. The fall races have been used to guage where the team stands technically.

“We are more concerned with trying to execute the technical changes,” Michigan assistant coach Emily Ford said. “The results, from our perspective, won’t make that big of a difference.”

Now that the fall racing season has come to a close, the team will soon move indoors. With just 11 practices left on the water the Wolverines are glad to finally make the move inside. Michigan will continue to emphasize the technical aspects once indoors, ensuring that everyone on the team is rowing the same. In order to give them some mid-season experience on the water, the team will travel to Tampa, Fla. in December and February.

“We need to get more fit,” Ford said. “But we set a really good foundation.”

The team is looking forward to the spring season, hoping to be a faster, more efficient rowing team.

“The focus in on improving techniques together to make us faster,” junior Christin Plunkett said. “I’m extremely excited about how we’ve done this fall and, technically, the changes we’ve made.”

Michigan will get a chance to display the changes they’ve made in training and assess how much these changes have helped them move toward their spring goals.

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