Junior Christian Vozza said last week that playing against the
Oregon winds would be difficult. As it turned out the winds were
difficult for the entire Big Ten, which lost the Big Ten/Pac-10
Tournament at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, Ore. The
harsh wind and rain shortened the tournament’s format from 54
holes to 36.

The Michigan men’s golf team concluded the tournament
yesterday. Vozza remained Michigan’s top individual for the
third tournament a row, finishing 11th overall. Vozza said the
weather conditions were the worst he has ever played in.

“It was cold, rainy and really windy,” Vozza said.
“It was hard to keep the ball going where I wanted it to go.
I tried my best to do shorter backswings and to do more put
shots,” Vozza said.

Despite Vozza’s efforts, Michigan coach Andrew Sapp feels
that the weather really hurt the Wolverines.

“The weather really affected our first five out of six
holes of the second round,” Michigan coach Andrew Sapp said.
“That hurt us going into (yesterday) morning.”

Vozza felt that the bad weather conditions should have been an
advantage for Michigan and the all the Big Ten teams because they
“are used to the poor weather.” But the Big Ten lost by
29 strokes.

Although the Big Ten did not do so well, Vozza’s
techniques proved effective for his personal play. Vozza played
well with 149 total strokes over 36 holes. Despite the bad weather,
though, Vozza opened with a one-over 73 in the first round. He
ended with a four-over 76 in the last round yesterday. But Vozza
cares more about the team’s success.

“My individual win doesn’t feel as good as it
should,” Vozza said. “I wish everyone had played well.
That way it could have been a team win.”

Two of his teammates — fifth-year senior Rob Tigh and
freshmen Brian Ottenweller — tied for 45th while sophomores
Kevin Dore and Matt McLaughlin finished 63rd and 66th,
respectively. As a team, the Wolverines finished 13th out of 14

According to Vozza, the low ranking does not accurately reflect
Michigan’s talent.

“Everyone on the team can play well,” Vozza said.
“We’ve just got to get confident. We’ve got to
know that our team has talent. It’s just hard to find a day
where everyone plays well.”

The Wolverines will travel to the Jack Nicklaus Course at the
Country Club of Landfall for the Landfall Tradition in Wilmington,
N.C., to wrap up their fall season.

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