The Blue Party candidates promise that if elected to the Michigan Student Assembly on Nov. 14 and 15, Wolverine Access will be revamped and students in every college will enjoy a fall break.

The Blue Party, formed in winter 1999, is the second oldest party in the election. Its members said they are concerned primarily with campus and academic improvements.

“Student government should be about student issues, not party politics,” said candidate John Carter, a Business junior. “We don”t have one central platform because we encourage individual candidates to come up with their own ideas that pertain to their schools.”

As a Business School representative, Carter said he would work to extend computer lab hours for Business students and adopt a fall study break for all University students.

The Blue Party candidates said they are not interested in addressing national and world issues, as they feel some other groups are.

“Of all the parties running, the Blue Party is the only one whose candidates don”t all associate with a certain political stance,” said candidate David Goldman, an LSA junior who chairs MSA”s Academic Affairs Commission.

“The reason for this is that we don”t want to be associated with addressing the political issues of the time.”

Blue Party candidate Shyla Kinhal agreed with Goldman that MSA should focus on local issues.

“When I am elected, I plan to start the process to eliminate issues that have no impact on the student body,” said Kinhal, an LSA sophomore.

Kinhal hopes to make students better informed about what MSA actually does.

“I want to get a bimonthly insert in The Michigan Daily that updates students on MSA”s activities,” Kinhal said.

Goldman said that he, along with other Blue candidates, also places a high priority on reforming Wolverine Access.

Goldman said he will continue to work with LSA student government to improve the links to and from Wolverine Access, add an audit for distribution requirements and push the administration to better accommodate students who miss class for the observation of religious holidays.

LSA sophomore Jonathan Muenz is running for MSA for the first time.

“The first thing I”d like to change about MSA is its accessibility to every student,” Muenz said. “I am in favor of creating online polls and message boards that allow students to share their thoughts and opinions on current issues.”

Muenz said he is running for MSA to meet new people and have new experiences while voicing his opinion on campus.

Some partywide goals include expanding Entre Plus to Michigan Stadium and other restaurants near campus, and making academic minors more widely available throughout all the University”s colleges.

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