Michigan Student Assembly President Hideki Tsutsumi will have to give up his gavel tomorrow.

Blue Party candidates Matt Nolan and Jessica Cash secured the executive slate while their party took 12 seats on the assembly. Nolan and Cash beat runners-up Doug Tietz and Chip Englander of the Michigan Party by 477 votes.

“We”re very excited that we”re finally going to be able to do the things we”ve wanted to do,” Nolan said.

Coming in a close second was the Michigan Party, whose representatives won 11 seats on the assembly. The University Democratic Party and the Defend Affirmative Action Party each secured only three new seats on the assembly.

“We”re only six weeks old, and we”re very proud of what we”ve accomplished in those six weeks,” said LSA Rep. Alicia Johnson, who ran as the vice-presidential candidate of the University Democratic Party.

“Our electoral success attests to the fact that our message resonates with the student body,” said U-Dems presidential candidate Michael Simon. The U-Dems plan to be back for the fall elections.

DAAP kept 12 seats, the same number it had last semester.

“There aren”t any huge changes in the makeup of the assembly, aside from the fact that there”s a much better executive now,” said Rackham Rep. Jessica Curtin, who ran as DAAP”s vice-presidential candidate.

Several current representatives who were not up for re-election said they look forward to the new assembly.

“I”m excited about the new administration and I feel that a lot will be accomplished,” said LSA Rep. Zach Slates.

“I definitely see a smooth transition,” said LSA Rep. Reza Breakstone. “Matt and Jessica”s experience will contribute to their ability to run a great assembly.”

The election was not easy for everyone. Members of the Election Board as well as candidates who did not win seats had complaints about several aspects of the election.

“It was a hard-run election, and many people feel that there needs to be reforms for the process,” said LSA sophomore Ben Conway, who ran with the Blue Party. “Hopefully we can establish a taskforce.”

Though Election Board director Ryan Norfolk said the election went “blissfully smoothly,” other board members said it was emotionally difficult.

“It was hell,” said Election Board member Elizabeth Anderson. “I hated every minute of it.”

New representatives and executives will take office tomorrow in a meeting held immediately after the final meeting for old representatives.

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