The experience Blue Party presidential candidate John Carter and vice-presidential candidate John Simpson have gained while serving on student government at the University will help them accomplish their current goals.

Charles Goddeeris
Charles Goddeeris

Simpson said by working with the administration on numerous projects such as the implementation of a new fall break, he and Carter have developed relationships that would help them achieve their goals for MSA if elected.

Simpson, who has served as chair of the Rules and Elections Committee of MSA for two years, said the main responsibility of an executive officer is to ensure the smooth functioning of MSA committees and meeting, and he said his bureaucratic experience has prepared him for these tasks.

After serving on LSA Student Government and as an executive officer on MSA this year, Carter said he has learned that executive officers have to work together with all the committees and make sure everyone feels enfranchised in MSA.

“When we unite as a team and get everyone involved and everyone motivated behind certain goals of the assembly and student body, is when we can effectively work with the administration,” he said.

One of the projects Carter has begun working on is a student book exchange, through which students can sell used books directly to each other. Carter said he will finish the exchange if elected president of MSA.

“That’s something that would save every student on campus hundreds of dollars right off the bat,” he said.

The book exchange and all of the Blue Party’s other ideas – which include delaying spring break, installing wireless Ethernet throughout the entire campus and expanding Entr

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