The Central Student Judiciary, an arm of the Michigan Student Assembly, ruled late last night to reinstate two Blue Party candidates who were disqualified from the MSA election Monday night following allegations of improper entry into University buildings to post campaign flyers.

CSJ granted the Blue Party”s appeal after ruling that the party was improperly informed of the charges against them.

“They argued that when the two candidates were called before the Election Board for a violation of the integrity of elections clause in MSA Code, that during this meeting they were further charged with a violation of another section of code,” said CSJ Presiding Justice Stephen Lund. “They got three demerits for the integrity of election and were issued two demerits for the other violations.”

Five demerit points automatically disqualify candidates from elections.

In addition, the MSA Code specifies that candidates being brought in front of the Election Board must be notified of the charges against them at least 12 hours in advance, Lund added.

Jonathan Clifton and Scott Meves, the two Blue Party candidates allowed back into the election, still have three demerits for the original charge.

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