The Blue Leprechaun has returned.

After suffering extensive damage from a pipe burst in December, the sports bar reopened to patrons Monday. The burst occurred in a fire suppression line during early hours of the morning, after the restaurant closed for the day. Mike Gradillas, general manager of the Blue Leprechaun, said when he went to open up the restaurant later that day, he found an unfortunate surprise.

“We came in in the morning and water was cascading down every wall and coming through the roof,” Gradillas said. “So, everything was completely inundated with water.”

Gradillas said he tried to make sure the bar was open in time for University seniors to get their last drink in before graduation. He added that the staff was eager return to work. The Blue Leprechaun was finally cleared by the city to reopen Monday morning, and the bar opened its doors that same night.

Gradillas said he was pleasantly surprised at how many people came out to support the reopening and responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

Though there are no major physical changes to the building, Gradillas said the restaurant looks brighter and sharper with new paint and wallpaper. Gradillas added that the restaurant has the same feel as it did before undergoing renovation.

During their temporary closure, the Blue Leprechaun has added several items to their menu, including a new selection of sliders. Others additions include wraps and different types of sauces, and the bar will continue to serve its traditional sandwich and burger options.

Gradillas said he wanted to provide the same food as before, but wanted to make them distinguishable from typical bar foods.

LSA senior Jeremy Kucera said he likes the renovations and thinks the updated menu will attract more customers.

“They kept the same character and it’s just updated, so it’s a lot nicer,” Kucera said. “I think the new menu is going to attract a lot more people before nine o ‘clock when the happy hour is so I think it’s a great idea.”

Business graduate student Damian Chatman agreed that the renovations will boost business.

“I’m really happy with the renovations,” Chatman said.

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