Thank God it’s Friday.

No, not because class is over for the week. Not because the No. 5 Michigan basketball team tips off the season against Slippery Rock tonight. And definitely not because it’s Sisqó’s birthday today. (But really, happy birthday Sisqó. May your ladies tonight have many dumps in the truck.)

Friday is special because we recap the week’s best tweets as they relate to Michigan sports. And boy, there have been some special ones since our last update on Oct. 25.

Let’s kick it off with Shane Morris, Michigan’s hot-shot quarterback recruit out of De La Salle who’s never afraid to voice his mind on the Twitter-sphere. Chances are, when he gets on campus, coaches will sit him down and tell him he has to screen his tweets a little more carefully before taking to the web. But for now, let’s enjoy:

Oy. People who have followed Shane on Twitter for a while know that he’s a Glee fanatic. Now, I have no problem with any Joe Schmo watching Glee — we all have our guilty pleasures. I watch Jersey Shore. Heck, I love Jersey Shore, and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve got a little crush on JWoww.

But I’m not Michigan’s next quarterback. Glee fans typically don’t exhibit that killer instinct that football players should have. I could see Spartan defensive end William Gholston lining up against the Wolverines next year, taunting Shane about not having a shot with Brittany. (She’s the cheerleader, by the way. And yes, I had to look that up).

If that didn’t make Shane seem soft enough, instagraming a baby photo of himself probably helped.


Shane’s digging himself a deeper and deeper hole, here. If you’re not aware, the Gerber Baby was the face used on the company’s baby food products starting in the 1920s.

Shane Morris: your baby-faced quarterback for the next four seasons.

But hey, at least he’s got this going for him:

Anyhow, to get ready for basketball season, let’s check in on recent hoops graduate Stu Douglass. In our last roundup, we saw how Zack Novak was adjusting to life playing basketball in The Netherlands. Stu is also playing abroad in Pampalona, Spain.

Ew. Really, though, Douglass’s eating habits are questionable, to say the least. I’m not so sure this is the diet of an athlete:

I can do it, Stu. It’s called willpower. And also Reese’s Puffs ain’t no Golden Grahams. Seriously, I could name 10 cereals more delicious than Reese’s Puffs.

Cocoa Krispies. Fruit Loops. Captain Crunch.


Sensitive subject. Sorry. Let’s check in with the cutest QB tandem in the nation.


At Minnesota last week, senior quarterback Denard Robinson was sidelined with an elbow injury, and junior Devin Gardner took the reigns. Clearly he had Robinson’s vote of confidence. Bra.

That rounds out our weekly update. In honor of basketball tipoff tonight, a picture of renovated Crisler Center for you:

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