Classic black and white pieces create a pulled-together outfit
easy enough even for the fashion novice. Light, white sweaters with
cowl necks, abundantly displayed on the Chanel runways, are an easy
find in much cheaper stores such as Forever 21 and Bebe. Black
accessories, such as chandelier earrings or classic bags, are
available in a variety of prices since they are mainstays in most
clothing stores.

Julie Pannuto
If you are interested in representing the bovine species without wearing one, a cow print coat is one for which you can go utterly mad. (RAQUEL LANERI/Daily)
Julie Pannuto
Grab a bite to eat while sporting a simple turtleneck. Quick tip: You can find white belts —

The White Stripes, known for their black-white-red ensembles,
make for interesting icons for people somewhat in the know. Adding
a distinct color to the black and white mix creates an unexpected
change. Red usually plays well with these combinations though it is
much bolder than the colors of Spring, which lean toward more
pastel hues.

One of the hottest accessories this year is the iPod, which is
now available in an array of colors besides the basic white. Since
not everyone needs the 10,000-song capability of a 40-gig iPod,
Apple released the 5-gig iPod Mini. Try one on for size.

Black and white are shades that are fool-proof in that you
can’t go wrong dressed in either. White, however, poses more
of a problem if the outfit consists solely of the translucent
shade. Tanned limbs and frosted summer hair are necessary to pull
off this Memorial-Day-to-Labor-Day look.

Regardless of expertise, black and white are must-haves for any
closet, especially since pieces are exceptionally cheap. So,
regardless if it is a white T-shirt from Old Navy or a black
vintage fedora, there is no going wrong with the classics.

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