After beating No. 3 Michigan on Saturday in game two of the Wolverines’ doubleheader, the Indiana softball team stood in the outfield to take pictures of the Alumni Field scoreboard, capturing the monumental upset on camera phones.

The Hoosiers didn’t get there without controversy or a comeback from the Wolverines, who eventually fell to the Hoosiers, 5-4, in a bizarre game.

The strange happenings began early in game two, when play was stopped for a few minutes as a hailstorm fell at the Wilpon Complex. Within seconds, the playing field was covered with white pellets, and although the game eventually resumed and the sun returned to the sky, the abnormal occurrences didn’t cease.

In the sixth inning, the umpires, players, coaches and the 1,271 fans in attendance were left looking for answers. A Michigan grounder was ripped up the middle for a base hit, but Indiana shortstop Breanna Saucedo and Michigan senior Alycia Ryan became entangled while both acting in their best interests. According to the rulebook, if both players are indeed acting in their own best interests, no interference call shall be made.

The Hoosier fielder was attempting to prevent the base knock, while Ryan was simply advancing to third.

The umpire initially ruled that there was no interference on the play by Ryan, and she was awarded third base. But after hearing from Indiana coach Michelle Gardner — a former Wolverine softball player under Michigan coach Carol Hutchins — the umpires conferred, eventually ruling that Ryan had impeded the Indiana fielder’s attempt to make a play. She was subsequently called out.

Then, it was Hutchins’ turn to put in her two cents. After a heated discussion with the head umpire, she was ejected from the game.

“I felt that there was no play on the ball,” Hutchins said. “But, clearly, I don’t get to make the call.”

Hutchins and Ryan agreed that Ryan was simply trying to advance on the play.

“I’m not exactly sure of the rule on that, but I was just going to third,” Ryan said.

Nevertheless, the ruling killed a Michigan rally.

Senior Jordan Taylor came in to relieve starter Stephanie Speierman. But Taylor was not her normal All-American self — a rarity that Hutchins said her team must be ready for.

“Taylor has done her part for us,” Hutchins said. “We can’t make her do everything.”

Taylor surrendered a towering two-run home run in the fifth inning, allowing the Hoosiers to regain a 4-2 lead. The score remained that way until the Wolverine half of the sixth when Michigan (3-1 Big Ten, 33-3 overall) knotted the score by way of a two-out rally.

The teams needed extra frames to conclude the nightcap, and Hoosier Sara Olson took Taylor deep in the top of the eighth for the second time. The homer turned out to be the crushing blow from which Michigan would not recover.

“(Taylor) needs some help,” Hutchins said. “She needs some support because she’s not always going to be at her best.

“You look through our lineup and you look through our RBI column, and we need some people to pick it up.”

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