1. Scarecrow, Garth Brooks Insert your own fat joke here, we”re tired.

2. Britney, Britney Spears Her boobs liked it.

3. Laundry Service, Shakira She”s busy cleaning the sheets of her young male fans.

4. Invincible, Micheal Jackson Invincible? Tito could kick his ass back to the Stone Age.

5. A Day Without Rain, Enya Back to number five? We”re not speaking to any of you ever again

6. Escape, Enrique Iglesies Better looking than you and he can sing, Maybe we should kill him. Kill.

7. Greatest Hits Volume 2, Madonna Our grandma really likes Madonna. Snarky and smarmy.

8. Sinister Urge, Rob Zombie “House of 1000 Corpses” was rocked the mofoing house.

9. The Way, Jewel Things last for so long but don”t necessarily make any money.

10.. Silver Side Up, Nickelback Another reason to close the U.S. and Canada Border.

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