1. Invicible, Michael Jackson This teeters on the edge of intolerable. He should stick to losing his nose in concert.

2. Escape, Enrique Iglesias He”s sucks as much as Ricky, fo” sho.

3. The Great Depression, DMX Dumb Master of Xposition. There, we figured it out.

4. The Hits Chapter One, Backstreet Boys The scariest part is that this is only chapter one, there”s gonna be more.

5. A Day Without Rain, Enya Is an Enya when they stick that tube up your ass and pump some water in you?

6. Silver Side Up, Nickelback Still selling big, still sucking hard.

7. God Bless America, Various Artists If God was really blessing America, this record wouldn”t have come out.

8. Pain is Love, Ja Rule This page could be way more painful, especially if it was all about books.

9. Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park Why?

10. Morning View, Incubus Like a boner, but without the messy clean-up.

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