1. The Blueprint, Jay-Z Jigga is keeping the top spot warm for The D.

Paul Wong
Boy, do we hate this CD<br><br>Courtesy of J Records

2. Silver Side Up, Nickelback Hopefully you”ll get more than a nickelback when you take this craptacular album back. Punny.

3. Songs in A Minor, Alicia Keys This album sucking so hard is really getting to be A Major problem.

4. Fabolous, Ghetto Fabolous It would be fuckin” fantastic if he could spell “fabulous.” And enunciate.

5. Love and Theft, Bob Dylan Rocking hard with his senior citizen”s discount at McDonald”s.

6. Satellite, P.O.D Jesus fueled rapcore, rhymes with, sucks hard.

7. Glitter Soundtrack Well Mariah isn”t a total loser this week. Nevermind, she still is a loser.

8. Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park My hypothesis is that this album blows goats. I have proof.

9. Now 7, Various Artists Various artists appear on this, and yeah, verdict is in. Its shit.

10. Aaliyah, Aaliyah Okay, so even we”re not that tasteless.

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