1. Songs in A Minor, Alicia Keys A Minor problem with this album is that it sucks.

Paul Wong
The Media Union is an relatively unknown campus hotspot.<br><br>YENA RYU/Daily

2. Toxicity, System of a Down Tool + Staind = No. 2 Record. Original.

3. Aaliyah, Aaliyah (Insert joke here)

4. Now 7, Various Artists Now, I mean it. Stop buying this terrible CD.

5. No More Drama, Mary J. Blige Yo! Mary J. Pretty lame. We”re all rappers in our own mind kid.

6. Break the Cycle, Staind See Last Week”s “Less than Zero.”

7. Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park So good. I can”t will till 311″s next album drops.

8. Now, Maxwell Mmm, smooth chocolate sounds, smooth chocolate flavor. Or something.

9. Celebrity, “NSync When times are bad, people turn to pop. And in this case poop.

10. The Good Times, Afroman A stoner rapping, shit, you can find a guy like this on State St. and laugh at him for free. Save your money.

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