1. When the Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney
Here’s to hoping that the sun goes down on Kenny Chesney
really soon.

2. A Crow Left of the Murder, Incubus — Want to
join my campaign SIWBCLI? “Stopping idiots who buy crap like

3. Kamikaze, Twista — It took him five years to
make … if he only would’ve kept it a secret.

4. Closer, Josh Groban — Why does this guy always
look so stoic? Oh, that’s right, it’s cuz he sucks

5. Only You, Harry Connick, Jr. — I liked him
better in “Independence Day.”

6. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, OutKast— OK,
whoever doesn’t have this album already, come forward. This
is getting ridiculous.

7. Fallen, Evanescene — So, you’re saying
that 50 Cent isn’t in this group?

8. The Very Best of Sheryl Crow, Sheryl Crow — I
liked her better when she was called Alanis Morrisette. Wait, I
didn’t like her at all.

9. Shock N Y’all, Toby Keith — This guy
compares himself to Jesus and nobody thinks twice. But, we see
nipple and boom! Front page story. That’s shocking.

10. Soulful, Ruben Studdard — Trust me, soul
isn’t the only thing this American Idol is full of.

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