1. Chicken and Beer, Ludacris – Rappers from
Atlanta are so hot right now. A dancing baby Ludacris with a beard
is just too freaky.

2. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, OutKast – Roses
smell like boo boo. I’m not sure what that means, but Andre says
it, so think about it.

3. Elvis 2nd to None, Elvis Presley – Actually,
Elvis you are 2nd to OutKast and 3rd to Luda. But you’re still the

4. Life for Rent, Dido – Is this like a mail-order
bride? Do you get to be Dido for a day?

5. Some Devil, Dave Matthews – Even without his
band Dave Matthews rocks out, that is to say as much as he ever
rocked out, which is none.

6. Sacred Love, Sting – Sting’s greatest work had
nothing to do with love, sacred or otherwise, but rather with the
original “Dune.”

7. Too Hot for T.V., Da Band – More like Da Bad.
Could they have come up with a worse name for their group …

8. The R. in R&B Collection Vol. 1, R. Kelly –
Way to capitalize on the whole “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” thing, R.

9. Metamorphosis, Hilary Duff – Dear Hilary, I’ve
noticed that you look a lot like Lizzie McGuire. Do people say that
to you often? Are you two related?

10. The Long Road, Nickleback – What they don’t
know is that their “long road” leads to Hades. Muhaha.




























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