1. Metamorphosis, Hilary Duff – I think I’ve got it figured out; she’s Hilary Duff AND Lizzie McGuire. Right?

Kate Green
Two big “N.E.R.D.s”

2. Love & Life, Mary J. Blige – See Mary, I told you your reign at the top wouldn’t last. I’m a prophet. I’ve risen above the streets – ’cause that’s what a prophet does.

3. Greatest Hits Volume II And Some Other Stuff, Alan Jackson – Unfortunately, neither Greatest Hits Volume II nor “other stuff” includes “Chattahoochee.”

4. Dangerously In Love, Beyonce – At least she’s not safely in love, cause that would just be silly.

5. Fallen, Evanescence – Why do you torment me by staying in the top 10? Why, why?

6. The Neptunes Present … Clones, Various Artists – If they cloned Pharrell do you think he would just ditch Chad Hugo, you know the other guy in the Neptunes?

7. Jackpot, Chingy – Bingo! Who says “Hop in the Regal?”

8. A Rush Of Blood To The Head, Coldplay – With Gwyneth as his girl-toy, what head do you think Martin means?

9. Bad Boys II Soundtrack, Various Artists – P. Diddy really should have let Martin Lawrence dance in the video. Did you see “Girl’s Best Friend?”

10. Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, 50 Cent – Well, now that you have all bought his CD I guess we don’t have to worry about the die tryin’ part.






























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