1. Love & Life, Mary J. Blige –
Congratulations on being No. 1 Mary. It won’t last. Wait, did I say
that out loud?

2. Metamorphosis, Hilary Duff – I thought her name
was Lizzy McGuire. Why does she keep changing her name? Is this
like the Prince-symbol thing?

3. The Neptunes Present … Clones, Various
Artists -What a fitting name, since Pharrell actually looks like
he’s from another planet. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a
more alien-looking dude?

4. Greatest Hits Volume II And Some Other Stuff,
Alan Jackson – All I want to know is whether or not “Chattahoochee”
is gonna be on this. That’s my jam.

5. Drankin’ Patnaz, YoungBloodZ – Are they even
allowed to drink yet? How young are these “so called”

6. Dangerously In Love, Beyonce – I’m fighting the
temption to burn this CD.

7. Fallen, Evanescence – Wow, after 26 weeks on
the charts what is left to say? Leave!

8. Bad Boys II Soundtrack, Various Artists – P.
Diddy, Nelly Murphy Lee, this is history y’all. Could they have
played “Shake ya Tailfeatha” anymore in the movie?

9. Jackpot, Chingy – Yatzee! Chingy really hit it
big with this one right herr. Uh, turn my headphones up!

10. A Rush Of Blood To The Head, Coldplay – I can
get the same effect from a 7-11 slurpee. Good luck with






























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