1. Home, Dixie Chicks – The pregnant one is so hot.

2. Come Away With Me, Norah Jones – Stupid, boring music for stupid, boring people.

3. Mary Star Of The Sea, Zwan – Will Zwan be performing at this year’s Hullabalooza? We can only hope.

4. Let Go, Avril Lavigne – Be honest, would you really have bought it if it cost more than $1.99?

5. This Is Me…Then, Jennifer Lopez – J-Lo was so much cooler when she was a no-name Fly Girl.

6. Chicago, Soundtrack – We know this should be about the music, but come on, 13 fucking Oscar nominations?

7. Cocky, Kid Rock – After 63 weeks on the charts it just now cracks the Top 10? Perhaps that’s how long it took the white trash to save up their $12.99.

8. Up! , Shania Twain – Yeah, we’re sure Mutt married her for her musical talents and personality.

9. Under Construction, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott – Missy and Timbo are the new Sonny and Cher – the hit maker and the hot singer. Wait a second. Nevermind.

10. 8 Mile, Soundtrack – Hey, at least it’s not “Crossroads.”

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