1. 8 Mile, Soundtrack – OK, we get it. You’re from Detroit.

2. Come Away With Me, Norah Jones – Norah has been struggling to climb this list for some time. She may be on top, but she’s on top of a big pile of manure.

3. Let Go, Avril Lavigne – She has more stupid, stupid ties than Aguilera has hidden piercings.

4. Home, Dixie Chicks – Same crap, different week.

5. Stripped, Christina Aguilera – The album comes with a free bottle of that shampoo that gets rid of crabs.

6. This is Me … Then, Jennifer Lopez – She use to have a little/ now she is really, really awful.

7. Justified, Justin Timberlake – No one wants to see your greased torso in “Rolling Stone.”

8. Up!, Shania Twain – The only thing worse than new country is when they try to merge with crap-pop. That’s no joke. We’re just stating a fact.

9. I Care 4 U, Aaliyah – There’s something creepy about a dead person using netspeak.

10. Now 11, Various Artists -Doesn’t it seem like these are always about six months behind the times? Chad Kroeger’s “Hero” rules!

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