1. Weathered, Creed The whole fence-sitting Christian rock is really selling the records.

2. Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park The whole “we”re awesome rockstars with sweet music thing” is really selling the records.

3. Word of Mouf, Ludacris It”s not just “mouf” that gives us trouble (spelling-wise) but isn”t Ludacris misspelled? Or is that “colloquial” as well?

4. Silver Side Up, Nickelback Good ole fashioned Canadian ass-rock. Yeah, ass-rock.

5. Stillmatic, Nas Nas continues to work through his little man syndrome.

6. M!ssundaztood, Pink I think she and Creed might perform at Super Bowl halftime 2003. Sweet.

7. Pain is Love, Ja Rule These jokes are probably getting painful. Not as painful as Ja though.

8. Songs in A Minor, Alicia Keys See above for e-mail address. Our lives rule.

9. Now 8, Various Artists God no.

10. A Day Without Rain, Enya It”ll just be a dream. Soon.

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