1. Confessions, Usher — Damn. It feels good to be
on top of Janet. … Even if it only lasts a week.

2. Damita Jo, Janet Jackson — This is the breast
Janet Jackson album yet.

3. NOW That’s What I Call Music! 15, Various
— NOW that’s what we call KaZaA!

4. U Gotta Feel Me, Lil‘ Flip — Oh yeah? Naw,
man, it ain’t like that. U gotta feel us.

5. Honkin’ on Bobo, Aerosmith — Honkin’
on Bobo in public can get you arrested in 38 states.

6. Me and Mr. Johnson, Eric Clapton — You thought
Mr. Johnson meant blues singer Robert Johnson? Naw, son, he’s
talking about that Mr. Johnson… The one who lives downstairs.

7. Hood Hop, J-Kwon — Seven, eight, to the nine, to
the 10… Get the fuck off our chart. Does your mom know yerrr in
the club gettin’ tipsy, young man?

8. Feels Like Home, Norah Jones — There are still
eight soccer moms who don’t have this album yet. Get with it,

9. Greatest Hits, Guns N’ Roses — Don’t
miss Greatest Hits Volume 2: The Best of the Bucket Head Years.

10. The College Dropout, Kanye West — Is it just us
or does Kanye sound a lot like Mush Mouth from “Fat Albert
and the Cosby Kids?”

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