Antoine Dodson

Every once in a while, a sound bite comes along that just exists to be Auto-Tuned. The summer news clip of Huntsville, Ala. native Antoine Dodson warning against bed intruders is a perfect example. Dodson’s public service announcement advising viewers to hide their kids and wives (and husbands, too) is almost painfully catchy. His distinct phrases, like “climbin’ in yo’ windows, snatchin’ yo’ people up” are funny enough, but add the enraged body language and intense eye contact with the camera and you have a recipe for Internet stardom. The original clip is equally funny, if only because we’ve heard the addictive musical version.

Essentially, there isn’t anyone who disliked this video. But if you did, we gon’ find you.


“Single Ladies Devastation”

What’s not to love about this video? It has all the right components for a successful and funny home video, including a catchy pop song, little kids singing and dancing and a cute young Asian boy throwing a fit. As the little kid instantly goes from jubilant to wailing when told that he is not a single lady and shouldn’t sing the song, it’s hard not love every second of the video. Whether this was really just a precious family moment caught on tape or a common occurrence for the little boy is hard to tell. But really, it doesn’t matter. Fake or real — that boy is just too dang cute. After watching this, it’s clear that everyone should be allowed to jam out to Beyoncé — single, female or neither.


“This Too Shall Pass” music video

Most viral videos are one-hit wonders; in time, we forget the people behind them and move on. The exact opposite is true of pop-rock sensation OK Go’s consistently amazing music videos. “This Too Shall Pass” not only upholds the brilliance we’ve come to expect since “End Love” and “Here It Goes Again” but tops it in terms of originality and execution. The video is one mesmerizing shot of the band in a warehouse, surrounded by a continuous machine that eventually splatters the four musicians with brightly colored paint. It’s nothing short of transfixing, a feat of physics and cinematography that you can’t help watching through to the end every time you click on the link. Other bands could learn from OK Go’s creativity — one thing we sincerely hope does not pass.


Double Rainbow

Two rainbows, one man. And then, that one man’s unconditional joy at witnessing such a beautiful thing of nature. The “Double Rainbow” video was first uploaded in January and gained exponential popularity in the year that followed. Some loved it, some thought it was stupid, some overheard it and thought it was porn. Regardless, the “double rainbow guy” — less commonly known as Paul Vasquez — became an internet celebrity and embraced his newfound fame so much so that he was interviewed everywhere from CBS News to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to sex and relationships website (“Sex Advice From The Double Rainbow Guy”). At three-and-a-half minutes, the detailed account of Vasquez’s overzealous reaction to a double rainbow never gets old. It’s beautiful, all the way.


Old Spice Advertising Campaign

It began with a simple instruction: “Look at your man, now back to me.” Well, it didn’t take long for all of America to do just that, and when they looked back, they liked what they saw. Old Spice’s “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign — featuring the beautiful, divine, elegant, dragon-taming, feral, gentle, loving, hilarious and muscular creature that is Isaiah Mustafa — achieved astonishing hype from the masses, inspiring one of the greatest advertising ploys ever devised. Old Spice was the first to use new media (whatever that is) to interact with its fans in a genuinely meaningful way. From the original ads to the deluge of videos responding to viewers, Mustafa and Old Spice conquered the Internet in manly fashion.


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