There are plenty of places to shop in downtown Ann Arbor, but for a college student on a budget, perusing the sale racks at the staple stores can get old pretty fast.

Luckily, just a couple of blocks down E. Liberty Street from the main State Street drag, is Ragstock — the low cost little sister to American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. Whether you’re looking forward to summer with a new pair of denim cutoffs or in search of an oversized Bill Cosby sweater to throw on over leggings, Ragstock is the ultimate haven for college students with dusty wallets.

Peek inside the store and you’ll find racks upon racks of second-hand and vintage clothing, ranging from outrageous accessories for crafting the perfect Halloween costume to basic tanks and tee shirts for everyday wear. Walking into Ragstock’s dimly lit, pattern-filled storefront is like pulling on a familiar pair of worn-in jeans (the very kind that the store itself probably sells).

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