Vintage is the name of the fashion game in Ann Arbor, and while we enjoy an abundance of trendy thrift stores crammed into building attics, basements and every space in between, none of them can compare to the sheer size, variety and unpredictability of the Salvation Army.

Though many students see it first and foremost as a great place to find a deal for an “ugly Christmas sweater party,” the warehouse-sized facility is chock-full of amazing everyday buys for anyone with a little time on their hands and a sense of adventure, offering everything from leather jackets to prom dresses to ’90s windbreaker jumpsuits.

The store itself is impeccably clean and impossibly well-organized, with clothes arranged by color to create a massive rainbow of sweaters, turtlenecks and T-shirts. Their books and LPs are delightfully hit-or-miss, and the home-goods section tucked into their back corner offers everything from mismatched wedding china to cheap apartment couches, perfect for anyone on an off-campus budget. Plenty of dressing rooms and an unrivaled selection means you’ll tire long before you exhaust the endless racks of clothes, so make sure you plan for a day-long excursion when heading to Washtenaw’s near-legendary Salvation Army.

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