You know how sometimes you just crave Chinese food? And it can’t be any Chinese food — it’s got to be the most beautifully Americanized blend of comfort food. Sometimes you’ve just got a hankering for hot-and-sour soup. You’re jittery for General Tso’s. Ornery until you get your orange chicken fix.

No Thai fills that niche for Thai food. It’s fresh, flavorful, and maybe most importantly, fast. Located on South University Ave, this restaurant is a mecca for those who want a steamy Pad Seeyu, and want it now. What sets No Thai apart from the rest is its combination of quality and speed. Try the signature Pad Thai, infused with its famous pad thai sauce and topped with the perfect amount of crushed peanuts to mix in — not too much, not too little. Or sample the drunken noodles, delicious whether you match the state of the noodles or not.

Whatever you end up choosing, you’ll eat it amid No Thai’s cheerful color scheme and fun music. The restaurant cultivates a bright, friendly vibe appropriate for informal dates, outings with friends, or even casual interviews. Its playfulness is obvious down to the menu, which allows customers to select among different, customizable spice levels called Weak Sauce, Medium, Yoga Flame, and Dim Mak — the last is also known as The Death Touch, so if you’re adventurous or trying to impress your date, then this one’s for you. Let us know how it goes.

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