One of the great truths about Ann Arbor (along with the facts that football reigns king and you will never dress appropriately for the weather) is that there is a major presence of sushi restaurants in and around town. In fact, it seems that everywhere one looks, there’s yet another eatery offering the “best” California roll that Michigan can procure.

Ultimately, however, one restaurant truly does climb the summit of wasabi supremacy to be the true champion of raw-fish expertise: Sadako. In fact, all one really has to do to witness the very visible popularity of the South U staple is to walk by it on a weekend night. The place isn’t just busy — it’s absolutely mobbed. Workers hustle incessantly to keep the take-out moving on-time, every table is occupied (along with the sushi bar itself), and the line waiting for a table often spills out into the street.

And all for good reason. The rolls, of which there is a large and varied selection, are painstakingly crafted so that the flavors mingle without ever conflicting. Any roll with “crunch” in the description is delicious — Panko bread crumbs provide the perfect texture to what are already ingenious combinations of Japanese flavors.

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