Increasingly popular among even the blandest of palates, sushi — once considered strange and exotic by the average American — is now enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Sadako, conveniently located on South University, is bound to satisfy any Ann Arborite’s sushi craving, whether you’re adventurous or still cautious about the concept of consuming raw fish. The rolls are prepared fresh, the service is fast, and orders are available for carry out or as a sit-down meal in the clean and casual atmosphere of the restaurant.

Sadako’s low prices and high quality make sushi an available option for even the invariably broke college student, and once you’ve had your first taste, you’re hooked. The menu ranges from beginner California Rolls to more curious options, such as eel, octopus or squid. (I myself get mysterious craving throughout the week for the deep-fried Sunny roll, filled with salmon and cream cheese, an option I imagine embodies everything sushi isn’t meant to be.)

Sushi isn’t your thing? Sadako offers various soups and salads, noodle dishes and rice bowls to keep the picky eaters happy. It’s the jackpot combination of a varied, inexpensive menu that’s served quick and is most importantly delicious. Reasons that are undoubtedly why Ann Arbor’s residents keep coming year after year.

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