For those of us who don’t have the luxury of living near swanky State Street, there’s always the comfort of Campus Corner.

It’s one of the few redeeming factors of living near Packard and Hill, with just the right selection of essentials, such as milk and eggs, if you’re in a last minute pinch. Then there’s the widest selection of sweet and salty snacks south of CVS at reasonable prices.

And of course, for the over-21 crowd, there is perhaps the most comprehensive assortment of liquor on campus. So when someone suggests you buy a brand of 92-proof rum that you’ve never heard of, there’s no need to worry, for it is present and abundant. The coolers are filled to the brim with every juice and soda you could ever need for a party, and they even have those elusive plastic shot glasses — located right next to the Jell-O, in case you needed a creative push.

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