Planning on partying? Why of course you are! That’s why you came to college. And that’s why Campus Corner constitutes an Ann Arbor institution. Speaking without hyperbole, this little corner store carries everything university students need for their all-night fiestas: a walk-in freezer full of cheap beer cases, two walls worth of refrigerators stocked with tastier drafts, oversweet boxed wine and decent twelve dollar bottles, a whole wall dedicated handles, fifths, and pints ranging from Grey Goose to Crystal Palace, another wall dedicated to every conceivable flavor of Burnett’s, and a tub full of airplane-sized sample bottles.

And that’s just your booze. Need beer pong accoutrements? They’ve got solo cups and ping-pong balls. Want to reenact the days when Four Loco was cool? They’ve got every energy drink you’ve ever heard of and some you haven’t. Getting your smoke on? Tobacco and lighters! Getting your sex on? Condoms and (unnatural) male enhancement pills! Clearly, Campus Corner deserves the love and reverence of every dedicated connoisseur of the midnight life.

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