Good times, fast times, high times, right times — World of Beer doesn’t distinguish among them. Come for the variety, stay for the atmosphere. Interesting people and their stories abound. The people who go to WOB (an aptly coined abbreviation for the bar riveting with youth and personality) are the people who want to make the most of their night — and their budget.

World of Beer boasts “The Finest Craft Beer, Culture and Experience” while respecting the moderate purchasing power of its collegiate customers. Students can select from a wide array of seasonal brews, delicate crafts and flavorful experiments. Anyone homesick for the taste of a local draught can flip through the multi-paged menu, locate their state and choose from the listing of subset breweries. It’s a healthy way to bask in regional pride, but also to share with friends, co-workers or date partners the special taste of home.

For many people, the bars they frequent become qualitative entities that take on a life-like, friendly form. Emotions poured into sports games, jokes invested into date nights, gambles taken on orders that include risky new dishes — all of these actions create a kind of relationship with the bar itself, one that is subject to high points and low points, turbulence and triumph. WOB is like the cool new guy in town. With a clean slate, it’s taking the campus by storm. Everyone wants a new friend. WOB says: let the good times roll.

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