Despite getting off to a rough start, Bongz & Thongz has managed to root itself in slightly off-campus downtown Ann Arbor with its menagerie of smoking accessories and adult novelties. With an impressive array of reasonably priced pieces — ranging from discreet one-hitters to more military-themed gas-mask- and sniper-rifle-shaped bongs — the friendly and knowledgeable storeowners succeed in their aim to carve out their own niche in a market with nearby competition like 42 Degrees, Stairway to Heaven and Smoka Hookah.

Just downstairs from a hookah and shisha inventory that would make Jabba the Hutt blush, more adventurous patrons will find themselves in a land of X-rated threads and accessories. Bongz & Thongz lives up to its name by delivering on both fronts while providing excellent customer service, and is a must-see even for those not inclined to use either.

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