Prickly Pear is extraordinarily different than your average Mexican style restaurant. The menu, which offers flavorful twists on traditional entrees (for example, the sweet potato enchiladas), is proof of this alone.

In fact, it’s hard to even call Prickly Pear exclusively a Mexican restaurant, because many of its flavors seem to be from the southwest. Their salsa is chunky and fresh, with just the right amount of cilantro. The margaritas are incredible and plenty strong.

The servers are attentive, the portions are gigantic and the desserts sounded delicious (don’t make a classic mistake and fill up on the afore-mentioned chips and salsa, thus leaving no room for dessert).

The atmosphere here is comfortable, though it’s usually quite crowded. But there’s even a patio in back for warmer weather days.

College students: Don’t let Prickly Pear’s location on Main Street keep you away. Prices are far more reasonable than most of the nearby competition. And you will come back, if for no other reason than the incredible salsa.

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