Nestled between Pizza Bob’s and BTB on State Street, Rod’s Diner brings Ann Arbor the best Korean food around. With the walls (and now ceiling) covered with pictures of previous happy customers, Rod’s provides an ambiance of satisfyingly good times.

The Bibimbob — a classic Korean dish — is done right at Rod’s, topped with two eggs instead of the usual one. Finish off the meal with their legendary frozen yogurt topped with every topping you can think of — and if your sweet tooth is really buzzing, the Collider is sure to satisfy you with up to five toppings of your choice.

The atmosphere at Rod’s makes it a great place to hang out at night or for that much needed study break and sweet-tooth satisfier. Cookie dough, brownies and chocolate chips are this writer’s favorite toppings, and with your options completely open, how can you go wrong?

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