Washtenaw Dairy is dangerously unassuming. Surrounded by Ann Arbor homes and beyond the outskirts of campus, you could walk right past the dull brown bricks without even realizing what you missed out on. It isn’t luring people in with blaring music, flashy signs or even a sign at all, but with simply the best ice cream you can find in Ann Arbor.

Walking through the door is a trip to a simpler time. Regulars debate the day’s news over freshly-made donuts in the back corner. Locals mill about, watching the Tigers game on the TV or watching downtown Ann Arbor on the horizon, all with gigantic ice cream cones in hand. Servers mingle with customers, recommending flavors and weighing in on conversations.

Contrary to the South U. strip, no one here is on deadline. No one is stressed, everyone cares. In a society that becomes faster-paced and harsher by the minute, Washtenaw Dairy is a break from it all. Where a single scoop is secretly a triple, ice cream is given time to taste its best and profits take a backseat; where smiles and friendships are more important than efficiency and revenue; where the number one goal has been to give customers a refreshing treat since 1931.

It isn’t fro-yo, it isn’t trendy, it isn’t hip — it’s simply great ice cream for a greater price. It isn’t a pit stop in the bustle of downtown, it’s a destination, where time and worries take a break. It’s Washtenaw Dairy, and it’s what dessert should be.

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