After an early 8 a.m. class or a long day of homework and exams, Espresso Royale provides a much-needed solace with its cushy chairs, soothing music and hot coffee and tea.

Its ability to create an inviting and homey environment has earned Espresso Royale a warm place in the hearts of the Ann Arbor community. Their two campus locations, on State Street and South University, are never more than a short walk away. The baristas are always friendly and quick to help. The service is very efficient and you may have coffee in your hands almost as soon as you order it. The menu offers a large selection of delicious coffees and tea. The shop also offers a variety of warm baked goods and sandwiches that make it easy to grab a quick lunch when on the go.

Royale’s many chairs, tables and couches make the shop perfect for afternoon study group meetings, cramming for an exam or just leisurely reading and book and sipping coffee on a couch. Whether providing students with a place to escape from the cold winters or unwind after an exam, Espresso Royale provides Ann Arbor with a unique local coffee shop that caters to its student’s needs.

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