When your inner hipster is ready to go out on the town — and don’t kid yourself, we all have one — there’s only one store that sells the right attire: a perfect blend of casual and chic, comfort and class. That store is Urban Outfitters.

From its unique location just below the iconic Art Deco State Theater sign to the racks of records and ironic coffee table books lining its walls, Urban Outfitters offers the Ann Arbor community a selection of clothing dripping with practiced diffidence and an atmosphere that all but screams “I liked them before it was cool.”

No other outlet provides the same variety of non-standard pant colors, floral-print dresses and Native American-inspired sweaters. Nowhere else can you buy an OBEY hat, Icona Pop on vinyl and a novelty beer can helmet without making three separate trips. And, thanks to an ever-changing clearance rack and frequent sales celebrating the less popular American holidays, no other outlet offers such a wide selection of fashionable clothing and culturally relevant knick knacks at prices reasonable enough to fit into a college student’s budget.

Plus, it’s the only place you can buy Blake’s bear coat from “Workaholics.” Thank you for the profile picture, Urban Outfitters.

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