Walking briskly down East Liberty searching for a worthy lunch destination, I almost missed TK WU entirely. It’s located in a small, unremarkable-looking building adjacent to Dawn Treader Book Shop. Walking in, I got the feeling I was in an authentic Chinese restaurant, or at least America’s version of one. The narrow entrance encases the customer on either side with high shelves stacked with a random collection of ancient Chinese ornaments — glossy painted vases, small sculptures of important-looking men.

The restaurant is casual, but a “Please Wait To Be Seated” sign stands at the entrance, giving the restaurant an elegant edge on a place like Lucky Kitchen. After being seated at one of the eight or so tables, I was given a glass of water and asked my order in under a minute. Within five minutes I was brought lunch — Hot and Sour soup, rice, a spring roll and steaming shrimp. Unconventionally, I received my bill with my food — a cool $8.43. My meal was quick but unhurried, cheap but classy, and absolutely delicious. It is no wonder this inconspicuous restaurant has captured the attention of Ann Arbor food-lovers.

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