Detroit’s stellar weekly, Metro Times, just put to print its “Best of Detroit” issue, an extensive, voter-based compilation of all that is time-tested and user-approved. They cover all the bases, from restaurants to strip bars, public reform to economics, racial issues to the arts. Here’s a few of the gems:

Best Community Ritual To Adopt: The Makeout Party

Organized through or a similar site, you can apparently live it up old school – I mean, high school – style in the metro-Detroit area.

Best Culture Clash Inside A Strip Club: Bazouki Lounge

432 E. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit

Gather your change, fellas, we’re going to the CoinStar then headin’ on over to the Bazouki Lounge. Metro Times says it best: “The Bazouki resembles what a strip club might have looked like if it existed in the lobby of an airport Ramada in Soviet-era Russia.”

Sorry, love, my weekend’s booked.

Best Record Store: Encore Recordings

417 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor


Best Sign That “Hey, Hey, The Blues Are All Right!”: The Attic Bar

11667 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck

OK, best “best of” category. Ever. Seriously. Any establishment wreathed in this golden strain of laurel must be checked out. Apparently The Attic Bar plays host to the blues about four days a week. What about the other three?

Best Reason To Stop Mourning The Loss Of Zoot’s Coffee House: Bohemian National Home

3009 Tillman St., Detroit

Surely to my disadvantage, I am not familiar with Zoot’s Coffee House. But damn, I had the pleasure to catch Extra Golden at the Bohemian National Home, and it’s a wet dream of a venue. I’m just glad Metro Times has given me an excuse to talk about it. The cover was five bucks, the smoky ambiance terrific-if-drafty and the stage set deep to provide a lush, natural reverb. Check out their account.

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